Company profile

Naples is the city of many facets. Style, creativity and elegance meet in its alleys. This story begins in 1893, the year of the birth of shirt Fusaro, thanks to the founder Antonio that gives life to a craft workshop in Naples, the first shop in via Toledo, the nerve center of Naples well at the end of the nineteenth century, was born as a small craft shop to become a real Neapolitan institution. Shortly thereafter, with the production of so many clothes to be understood, the attention to detail and stylistic flair decree the immediate success of shirts.
The new Fusaro Antonio brand represents the fourth generation at work, the perfect union of history and contemporaneity. The company maintains a family character in an innovative environment, a passion that is done in an impeccable manner, which allows me to differentiate from the others and to resist the change in the markets. The choice of fabrics always new, the combination of colors and the continuous search for models created a mix of great charm and glamor. Dynamic, classic, contemporary, and ever-changing, he is always searching for his own style.