Tomacelli, is the new fashion brand of the historic Fusaro brand, everything started in 1964 when Francesco Tomacelli, son, granddaughter and great-grandson of art, representative of the fourth generation of tailors joined our team. The family had a tailor shop in the historic center of Naples, tired of the small reality began as a very young helper and remains loyal to the Fusaro family for more than 50 years, stylist and creative mind of the Fusaro brand. In 2019 the company decided to dedicate this project to him, to realize the dream of his family, a brand for men that allows us to rediscover the pleasure of wearing tailored clothes. Today Tomacelli is the perfect union of history and modernity, the choice of always new highly valued fabrics, continuous search for models, soul and heart that shines through the collections. A total look of excellence that does not give up elegance, but lives the convenience of modern times.