Terms of business
The articles selected among those in the virtual catalog of this site may be purchased under the following conditions.

Order acceptance / Conclusion of the contract.

The purchase of what is required will be perfected through the following phases:

1) By sending the order, the customer sends to Fusaro a proposal to purchase the product or products selected. Sending purchase order, you consent (under art. 10 DL 185/1999) to receive further communications by Fusaro described below, which are aimed exclusively to the conclusion and implementation of the sales contract.

2) Fusaro a confirmation e-mail receipt of the order sent by the client, assigning a 'Customer Order Number' to be used in any further communication with Fusaro.

3) The customer has 24 hours to conduct the online order to communicate to Fusaro its possible cancellation, by telephone at (Phone) or by sending a request through the Contact Us page of this site. In any case, Fusaro check the actual availability of required goods in stock and will communicate via e-mail or by telephone at the number provided by the customer if the order can be accepted or not.

4) If the order can be accepted, Caracciolo Group srl will send a confirmation email to the conclusion of the purchase process, providing information on the timing of delivery and the necessary means of the order.

5) Fusaro will then deliver what is required to courier charge. The payment by the Customer will be using the mode choice when buying online.

Terms and delivery costs
Fusaro deliver the goods purchased to express as quickly as possible. The courier will deliver the purchased goods within the next 48/72 hours (*), to the address provided by the customer when ordering. Delivery costs are charged to the customer.

Applicable law
The sale contract between the customer and Fusaro is concluded in Italy and governed by Italian law.

(*) Delivery time indicated is the time normally required to deliver products and is provided solely for purposes of illustration, without taking any commitment or guarantee of respect for themselves by Fusaro.